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A clean break area is essential to the well being and safety of your staff.  At Commercial Cleaning Services of Las Vegas, we will keep your break room in a spotless and sanitary condition.  Our break room checklist includes all of the basics – mopping floors, wiping down tables, chairs and countertops, cleaning cabinet fronts and refrigerator doors, and emptying garbage.  We wipe down and sanitize the trash cans, sanitize the water cooler, and sanitize the sink areas.

Because food preparation areas are a dangerous source of contamination, we take extra care to ensure that everything is properly sterilized to reduce the chance of illness for your employees.   Many of our competitors use the same cloths and cleaning wipes  to clean the break room that are used in cleaning the rest of your office.  At CCS, we use a separate set of cleaning cloths just for the kitchen/break room to avoid cross contamination to the other parts of your office.

Additionally, at your request, we will purge the refrigerators once per week.  In company break rooms, food is often forgotten, and left to rot.  This can cause contamination and lead to an unsanitary and unsafe work environment.  

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