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Most basic janitorial services will vacuum your carpets each night.  It’s pretty basic stuff.  But at Commercial Cleaning Services of Las Vegas, we go a step above and beyond.  Our staff is trained to pay close attention to the job at hand.  Rather than simply running a vacuum over your floors, we take great care to ensure your carpets are clean and presentable. 

Did one of your employees spill a cup of coffee?  We’ll use a steam cleaner to spot clean that area before the stains set in.  Was it a rare day of rain in the Vegas Valley?  Did your employees track mud through the office?  We will take the extra time to ensure that everything is clean and presentable for you the following morning.  

If a stain is too deep for a simple steam clean, our staff will make you aware of the issue.  We also offer carpet shapoo and deep stain removal for an additional fee.

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